2023 Review

A Year of Triumphs & Tribulations
As we all gear up for a blessed Ramadan and work towards a prosperous 2024, let us take a moment and look back at the year that passed and celebrate some of our successes. Our community has steadily grown over the past few years, and with the rapid development of the nearby Ridgeway Plaza this year, we saw an unprecedented growth in our community. This growth presented an exciting opportunity but also a challenge: to ensure that this growing Muslim community is served in the best way possible.

To that end, we worked hard the past year to make sure that MNN rose to meet the challenge and became the ideal gathering place for the community. We created a jam-packed schedule of programming for every segment of our community, we stood at the forefront of advocacy & activism work, we raised funds for our Muslim brothers and sisters suffering around the world, we brought world-renowned scholars, reciters and speakers to inspire our community. We did this and so much more. In this email we take you through some of our efforts last year to make sure that MNN is the place to be for our community.
Programs for the Community
Last year was jam packed with exciting programs. We had religious education programs, social gatherings, sports camps and more. Scroll down to see examples of some of our prominent programs this past year.
Third Party Collaborations

Last year came to a close on a horrifying note as we all watched the suffering of our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Members from within our own community have lost loved ones in this senseless genocide. We have launched programs and initiatives, raised funds, and worked with social justice organizations like NCCM and Justice For All to do our part in helping our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

Events & Initiatives

We organized several different initiatives and events to educate the community, raise funds, and use any means possible to support our suffering brothers and sisters in Palestine

We pray that Allah (SWT) alleviates the suffering of the people of Palestine, and Muslims around the world, and that He grants the highest status of shaheed to those who have lost their lives. We pray for a better tomorrow for our community and for Muslims around the world
MNN Religious Committee

This past year we took a much needed step towards establishing a source of religious guidance for the community by setting up the MNN Religious Committee. This committee comprised of Dr Mohammad Iqbal Al-Nadvi and Shaykh Numan Attique has been regularly meeting community members for spiritual counseling as well as answering questions sent in online. If you would like to reach the MNN religious committee visit www.mnnexus.ca/religiouscommittee
Major Masjid Improvements
Masjid Expansion Project
With the consistent growth in the Churchill Meadows Muslim community we are more than ever seeing the need for a larger community space. In this past year our community grew significantly and we realized we needed more space right away.
While the MNN management is hard at work securing the necessary city permits to get started on Phase 2, the need for extra space has become urgent.

So, in order to quickly meet the growing needs of our community, we are happy to announce that we are working on establishing a secondary structure, next to the main building that will give us much needed extra room to accommodate another 250+ musalleen.

We are aiming for installation of this structure in the next 2-3 MONTHS inshaAllah. However, this is not possible without your donations. With your generous donations we can accommodate more people in prayers, have bigger community programs, and take the next step towards becoming the true nexus for the Muslim community.
Keep up with MNN in 2024
As we look ahead into this new year, we see a great many opportunities to serve this growing community. We promise to continue delivering engaging and inspiring programs in the new year. We aim to grow and develop our space to better serve the community. With your generous donations, your masjid can be the ideal centre for the community to gather, learn, grow and ultimately come closer to Allah SWT.

We ask Allah SWT to bless you and bless this community with abundance in this new year. Please see below how you can stay connected with your masjid in 2024

We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, please email us at info@mnnexus.ca.