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Masjid Update

We are allowed to have 124 persons inside the Masjid, for which the spots are marked by yellow dots. These spots are occupied on a first-come, first-served basis for every salaah, including Salaatul Jumu’ah. No musalleen are allowed inside the Masjid without a prayer mat and without a face mask covering the nose and the mouth. Musalleen should also come to the masjid with wudhu. No face masks, prayer mats or wudhu facilities are provided at the Masjid.

Salaatul Jumu’ah at the Masjid

We hold four Salaatul Jumu’ah at 1:30, 2:15, 2:45 and 3:15 PM in the masjid. The Jumu’ah at the Masjid will be on a first-come, first-served basis. We have limited capacity indoors, after which people are welcome to pray outside if they keep a two-meter distance among each other and follow other safety precautions.

Salaatul Jumu’ah at Churchill Meadows Community Centre Gym

Inshaa Allaah, MNN will be holding regular Salaatul Jumu’ah starting Friday October 1, at the new Community Centre in Churchill Meadows Gymnasium. We will hold two Salaahs: one at 1:30 and second at 2:15. The following rules will be strictly observed:

  • All Musalleen must come prepared with wudhu, mask and prayer mat. Two-meter distance must also be maintained inside the gym.
  • All Musalleen must bring a plastic bag for their shoes to keep your shoes on your side and to keep the gym floor clean and safe.
  • Musalleen should enter the gym preferably from the the side doors on the south side (the parking side), not from the poolside.
  • There is no pre-registration for the Salaah at the Community Centre but all musalleen must register with the City staff upon arrival. Please follow all instructions from the City staff.

Please come early, once we have reached the capacity inside (250), we will have to turn people back. Similarly no one will be allowed inside without mask and prayer mat. No exception will be made.

Loan on the Land

We are still $100,000 short of paying off the land completely. Please donate generously to help us fill this gap. Donate Online or by sending an e-transfer to

Jazakum Allaahu Khairan

Have your say in defining MNN Strategic Plans!

Have you reflected upon MNN’s long-term goals? What kind of strategic plans are needed to attain those goals? What should be our five years plan? What can be your personal role in working towards those goals and action plans? Send us an email sharing your thoughts on these questions; and let us know if would like to attend a session on this topic.
Have your say in defining MNN Strategic Plans!

Tell us about your Dream Islamic Centre and Masjid (Phase 2)

As a community, we need to start planning phase 2 and define what kind of masjid and Islamic centre you like it to be? What facilities it should have? What services it should offer? What will make it a place for your family to be strongly attached to? What role would you like to play in making it a dream centre?

Tell us about your Dream Islamic Centre and Masjid (Phase 2)
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Whoever builds a Masjid for (the sake of) Allaah, then Allaah will build a similar house for him in Paradise.

As the Masjid has been operating under lower than normal capacity for several months now, we require your financial support more than ever now.

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