Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

A well-organized and disciplined group of Canadian Muslims seeking Allaah’s pleasure by pursuing excellence and striving for the personal and collective objectives of Islam within the Canadian mosaic as per the prophetic model.

Our Mission

  1. Providing, arranging and managing Islamic centres for Salaah, Islamic education and social activities, catering to the needs of and affording a welcoming atmosphere to all segments of Muslims community — males, females, youth and seniors.
  2. Organizing and leading the community in achieving the Islamic Objectives of Deen such as:
    • Pursuing personal excellence;
    • Improving the condition of Muslims in terms of understanding and practice of Deen;
    • Increasing the number of Muslims by sharing Islam and having friendly, constructive dialogue with non-Muslims;
    • Correcting and improving the perceptions about Islam and Muslims in the Canadian society; and
    • Serving the humanity at large.

Values we stand by

✔️ Service for Allaah’s pleasure
✔️ Consultative Decision Making
✔️ Transparency
✔️ Inclusiveness
✔️ Harmony

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