Muslim Neighbour Nexus

Building the Community Together

Our vision is to become a well-organized and disciplined group of Canadian Muslims seeking Allaah’s pleasure by pursuing excellence and striving for the personal and collective objectives of Islam within the Canadian mosaic as per the prophetic model

Salaatul-Jumu'ah Every Friday 

Only One Salaah

Erin Centre Middle School

Salaah (Khutbah) starts  at 1:30 PM

Men and women both are welcome to attend

Latest Updates

Urgently need to raise $700,000 for the Phase I Masjid
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New Halaqah: In the footsteps of the Prophet
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Islamic Centre Project

By the Grace of Allaah, and your generous support, MNN has the possession of the land, Alhamdolillaah at the closing cost of $2.266 Million. We want to start five time daily salaah and Jumu'ah as soon as possible. The Phase I Masjid will fulfill these needs. Click here for more details.


  • $700K for Phase I Masjid
  • 1000 monthly donors giving $100 per month​ average
  • 2017 Funding Requirement: $1.278 Million


  • Preparing Phase I Masjid Plans

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