Ramadan Mubarak!

Salaatul-‘Ishaa and Taraweeh will be held at the Masjid (9:15 PM) as well as the Churchill Meadows Community Centre gymnasium (9:45 PM).

Please NOTE: On Friday March 29 ONLY, Salaatul Taraweeh will be held at Stephen Lewis School Gym.

Both places 20 Taraweeh will be performed and the Quran will be recited completely. Completion in the Masjid will be on 27th night and in the Churchill Meadows Community Centre it will be on the 29th night InShaaAllah.

MasjidChurchill Meadows CC
Muhammad Badoolah Sobhy Masood
Abdullah FermanShaheer Kamram
Raza Jamal
Bilal Junaid
Omar Khan
Huffaz for Taraweeh

In addition, we will have a community Iftaar at the MNN Masjid every Friday & Saturday, with the first Iftaar on Friday, March 15th inShaaAllah.

If you would like to sponsor an Iftaar, please send an e-transfer to treasurer@mnnexus.ca . The cost is $10/person with approximately 4-500 people expected at each iftaar.

Please go to live.mnnexus.ca or our YouTube channel for live Taraweeh Streaming