Islamic Centre Project

Help serve 10,000+ Muslims by establishing the 1st Islamic Centre in the Neighbourhood

Project Overview

Churchill Meadows, Lisgar and Erin Mills West neighbourhoods have one of the most dense and diverse population of Muslims and yet not a single Islamic Centre in the area. After a great deal of persistence and hardwork over the past years, we have gained a unique opportunity to acquire land for our future Islamic Centre!


A close-by dedicated and sustainable space for daily Salaah, Jumu'ah, Ramadhaan, and 'Eid


Equipped with an Islamic School that will provide and further quality academic education


Services and facilities for the entire family including social and recreational spaces for Youth, Women, and our Seniors


Promoting inter-faith dialogue, tackling Islamophobia, and serving local initiatives to build a safer and stronger community together

Please support the project generously

Milestones Acheived

  • By the Grace of Allaah, and your generous support, MNN has the possession of the land, Alhamdolillah at the closing cost of $2.266 Million

Phase I - Masjid

We want to start five time daily salaah and Jumu'ah as soon as possible. The Phase I Masjid (Tension Fabric Structure) will fulfill these needs.

  • Structure Features
  • Tension Fabric Structure by Sprung
  • Prayer Hall Capacity of 500 Musalleen
  • Islamic Teaching Facilities
  • Moms and Tots room
  • Women, Men Washrooms / Wudu Stations
  • Kitchen Facility
  • Phase I Cost Break Down

Building Permit related costs *


Phase I Structure purchase


Installation of Structure *


HVAC and Interior *




* Estimate based on currently available information

2017 Islamic Centre Budget

Updated June 1, 2017

Needed for Phase I Masjid


City Development Charges (For Phase I Masjid)


Loan and Installment Payments Required

Community Loans Repayment


Next Installment on Land to Vendor


​Total Payments required for 2017


Less Expected HST refund in September 2017


Total Funds required for 2017


The target may seem high, but we can meet it if:

  • We get 680 families giving $2,500 per family
  • Or we get 1000 families giving $1700 per family
  • Become a monthly donor paying monthly equivalent of only one cup of coffee per day, approx. $100 per month

2017 Funding Targets

Updated July 07, 2017

Phase I Masjid

43 500 Musalla's

43 / 500

Monthly Donors

156 1000 Needed

156 / 1000

Monthly Contributions

$ 15.07 K $100K / month Needed

$15.07K / $100K

Make Islamic Centre a part of your family's budget and be the "Brick" of the Foundation

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

Whoever builds a Masjid for Allaah's sake, Allaah will build a similar place in paradise for him/her.

Sahih Bukhari: 455

Location of the Project


5.12 Acres of land has been acquired at the below location

MNN Islamic Centre Civic Address

3520 Odyssey Drive, Mississauga

Volunteers Needed

Coming Soon